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Your burning questions, extinguished.

What are your rates? What's your availability?
Let's not talk shop right here in front of all these nice people. Just type a few sentences describing your needs, send them my way, and I'll respond post-haste.

What software do you use?
Ninety-nine point eight-two-five percent of the time, Adobe Illustrator. On occasion I use Photoshop, and I've driven InDesign and After Effects around the block a couple of times, but AI is like my third hand, if you'll pardon the carnival freak show metaphor. I was once a rigid FreeHand adherent and was dragged kicking and screaming away from it. But after a week of Illustrator, I was hooked and regretted ALL THSOSE WASTED YEARS.

I use Sketch. Can you create art for me in Sketch?
I can create art that Sketch can comfortably import, but I don't create in Sketch. Sketch's illustration capabilities can't compare to Illustrator's. Sketch is a microwaveable sandwich in a hospital cafeteria vending machine: it gets the job done if you're absolutely famished; whereas Illustrator is the Willy Wonka Everlasting Gob-bacon-cheeseburger.

Are you that icon guy from way back?
Yes. ikthusian arts, etherknot, and, of course, etherbrian are the names I used when Mac System 7 ruled the earth -- with Mac OS 8 enjoying a brief reign after that.

Where can I get your old icon sets?
Unless you haven't upgraded your personal computer since 1995, my old icons are, for all intents and purposes, useless. But if you must have them, they can be hunted down with the help of your old friend, The Google (because I've done a poor job of migrating my original copies from my old computers).

Will you make some art for me for free?
Probably not. Sorry!

What's your opinion on crowdsourcing art/design?
In general, I hate it. Yet, I've participated in it more than once. A company with ample financial resources requesting lots of free work from which to choose and "award" a single "winner" with (compared to normal art/design rates) a pittance is disappointing. But, like I said, I've played the game a few times, doing something that felt fun, hoping maybe I'd get $omething out of the effort. I don't hate you if you do it, but please don't put all your eggs in that dirty basket.

Where are you located?
In the southeastern United States, a green and lovely place where you (and you, and you) are always welcome.

What's your advice for aspiring digital artists?
Get a degree in engineering instead. I kid! OR DO I?

What do you look like? I mean, you're not a skeleton wearing a fez and a tweed jacket.
You are correct. That's simply a look to which I aspire. In the meantime, I've hidden an unmasked self-portrait someplace at this dot org o' mine.

What's your favorite flavor?

You went a little overboard with the amount of work you've crammed onto many of these pages, don't you think?
You'll wish more people were like me the next time you're at the Tastee Freeze and the generosity of the teenager pumping chocolate syrup onto your sundae leaves a lot to be desired.

What happen when an irresistible force hits an immovable object?
Elvis Presley.

Why is there no mobile version of your site?
Oops! I could have sworn you did all your web surfing on a Hewlett-Packard Workstation.

What's that typeface you used for your logo?
It's called prayer. Not capitalized. Created by myself years ago. Named after the thing that gets me through life.

Where can I nab all your old typefaces?
Unfortunately, my fonts suffered a similiar fate as my old freebie icon sets: new computer operating systems made them unusable in the format in which they were created. But if you dig around the interwebs you might turn up a few, and maybe you can get them to work.

What Andy Griffith Show Citizen of Mayberry Are You?
Pinky Tuscadero.